The 12 Hottest Girls of ‘Entourage’

With the HBO series sneaking onto Hollywood’s red carpet of summer films, we thought we’d run through some of our favorite sexy girls of “Entourage” before catching Vince, E, Drama, Turtle and Ari in what could possibly be the longest episode of TV we’ve seen yet. Although it might not be movie of the year, these girls, as well as newcomers Emily Ratajkowski and Ronda Rousey, make the drive to the theater all worth it. Essentially, it’s “Sex and the City” for men who think Hollywood is a cool place to be when really it’s just the worst place to find parking. Here are our picks for the 12 hottest girls from “Entourage” leading up to the film, which hit theaters on June 3. Enjoy the popcorn.

Sofia Vergara

Before she was any kind of modern family woman, Sofia Vergara played the actress playing the love interest of Vince’s passion project, “Medillion.” Of course, the director — crazy Billy Walsh — wanted to bang her so much it railroaded the film.

Beau Garrett

Playing a tight spandex-wearing, cruelty-free vegan nymph, Beau Garrett was one of Vince’s many girlfriends across the series’ eight season span, but no woman played the butt naked role by the pool better than Beau. It still haunts our dreams in the most awesome way.

Holly Valance

The “Perfect 10” who was way too hot for E — still is — made her short but unforgettable appearance in the beach house scene, also guest starring the very sexy Jaime Pressly, early on in the series. The fact that Eric hooked up with Holly Valance, however fictional, to get over his girlfriend made us both proud and jealous with rage, that was, until we saw who he’s dating now in real life, Sabina Gadecki, his co-star from the new “Entourage” film.

Jessica Alba

Our heads spin when it comes to Jessica Alba, and lucky for us, it seems she’s going to be in the new film, as well. Jessica was one of the earliest guest stars on the show, throwing one of the first parties for Johnny Drama and the rest of the knuckleheads to crash. Here’s another great reason to go see the film that doesn’t include plot lines or unrealistic L.A. lifestyle.

Jana Kramer

Before she made it as a country singer, Jana Kramer was crushing hard on Turtle. Yeah, we agree, totally unbelievable storyline that a girl of this caliber would go for Jerry Ferrara, and he wasn’t even one of those fat actors gone skinny yet! All we know is he bailed on hooking up with her, and we’ll never forgive that slight of onscreen romance. But he did offer to go down on her before walking out, so that’s something.

Malin Akerman

We hate E because, once again, he got to hook up with another “Entourage” hottie, but this time he got to have his first threesome with her and Sloan. Sometimes life isn’t fair, but then again it’s only fiction. We prefer seeing Malin in anything else — “The Heartbreak Kid,” “Watchmen,” “The Brothers Solomon” — anything involving her being sexy without Eric in the room.

Carla Gugino

Queen cougar Carla had her way on a few shows, but when she dropped in on “Entourage” as Amanda Daniels to give Ari a run for his gold, briefly becoming Vince’s manager, that’s when she got real hot. Of course, Ari wouldn’t go down without a fight, but luckily we got to see her take her pants off at least once. There’s a good chance Carla will be dropping in for this summer’s film to upset Ari’s new Head of Studio position. That, or she was at the premiere because she’s smoking hot.

Autumn Reeser

After playing the lovable, “adorkable” Taylor Townsend on “The O.C.,” Autumn got down and dirty as a cut-throat agent, Lizzie Grant, on “Entourage,” giving Ari a headache and us a raging head throb ourselves.

Bai Ling

Her time with us on the show was short, sweet and full of sexual sorcery as Bai played Vince’s martial arts tutor so he could most likely have someone else do the stunts for him in a Chinese Red Bull knockoff commercial around the time he and the boys were down and out on luck and loose change.

Scarlett Johansson

In season one, Scarlett was the big apple of Vinny’s eyes, and by the first finale, it was E’s rite of passage of becoming Vince’s manager to hook him up with the now Avenger on their way to New York.

Samaire Armstrong

Filling in as Ari’s first assistant in the first season, we’re realizing that E has had romantic relationships with as many of these girls as Vince. What the hell is all that about? Samaire has gotten slowly darker with her TV roles, starting on “The OC” in its initiation, then “Entourage” and most recently the dark, somewhat horrid TV finale of “Sons of Anarchy.”

Emmanuelle Chriqui

They say to save the best for last, so we did, and this vixen needs no introduction. (Spoiler ahead!) The most recurring “Entourage” hottie role goes to Emmanuelle, who played Sloan on the show and will star in the film, too. She is expected to have a large role, giving birth to E’s first child. Whoops, spoiler! Well, if you saw the trailer, you already knew that, but what’s important is that she’s hot — however pregnant — and she’s back, baby!