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RANKED! The 10 Most Awkward TV Characters

Look, we get it. You’re awkward. We are, too. For some reason, we just can’t figure out how to talk normally to another human being. What do we do with our hands? How much eye contact is too much? Do we smile? What’s the other person thinking? Do they even like us? Eventually, it gets to the point where we apologize for even trying to speak and then we go home and hang out with our cat because he’s the only one that understands us.

The point is, we’re awkward, but the light at the end of that tunnel is that Hollywood has created characters even more awkward than us and, for the most part, they actually ended up being surprisingly endearing. So there’s still hope for us. In the meantime, let’s brush up on our small screen history and check out the 10 most awkward TV characters.

Photo Credit: FX

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