Flash Gordon Is the Latest Ridiculous Reboot (But Taika Waititi Could Spike It)

The on-again, off-again Flash Gordon reboot is back on again. Taika Waititi has been tapped to helm an animated Flash Gordon movie. The in-demand New Zealand writer/director is a master of farce who revels in spinning fresh takes on tired formulas (Thor: Ragnarök), which makes him a perfect choice in resurrecting a franchise whose last film starred a Playgirl centerfold (Sam J. Jones) in the title role.  

The original space opera has been stuck in movie studio developmental hell since (it feels like) the 1930s when the science fiction comic strip spawned the first generation of fanboys (including a young George Lucas). While Kingsman‘s Matthew Vaughn and Overlord director Julius Avery are still attached to a live-action version, here are some reasons why an animated film seems like the best bet to introduce this old-timey space tale to a new generation.

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Cover Photo: Alex Ross

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