Exclusive | The ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Spin-Off Has a New Title!

Audiences swooned last year for What We Do in the Shadows, the acclaimed horror-comedy from writer/director Taika Waititi. The film, about a group of vampire roommates trying to make undeath work in contemporary New Zealand, was a Sundance Film Festival sensation. Crave called it the funniest comedy of 2015 and it has been so popular within the horror community that a sequel has reportedly been in the works about the group of werewolves who also appear in the movie.

We met with Taika Waititi in Park City, UT to talk about his latest Sundance film, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and also to get an update about the What We Do in the Shadows sequel. For a while now rumors have spread that the film would be called What We Do in the Moonlight, but today Waititi announced that it has a new name: We’re Wolves.

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“Jemaine [Clement] and I are trying to write a werewolves spin-off, Waititi told us, adding that it will “most likely be the next thing” after he wraps production on Thor: Ragnarok. (Marvel Studios enlisted the filmmaker to direct their superhero sequel after watching What We Do in the Shadows.) Waititi is also working on a World War II comedy “about a kid in the Hitler Youth, but the odds are good that the What We Do in the Shadows follow-up will go into production sooner.

“It’s going to be called We’re Wolves, like ‘We are wolves.’ We’re Wolves.” Waititi did not elaborate further about the plot of the film, but apparently what they’ll do in the moonlight is… be wolves.

You can now read our full interview with Taika Waititi about Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Thor: Ragnarok. Keep coming back to Crave for more news, interviews and movie reviews from Sundance 2016!

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