First Look: All-New Captain America # 1

As The Falcon, Sam Wilson has been Captain America’s sidekick, his partner, and his best friend. Now, Sam Wilson is the new Captain America.

While Sam Wilson is currently appearing as Captain America in the pages of Avengers & X-Men: Axis, his solo adventures will kick off later this month in All-New Captain America # 1, by writer Rick Remender and artist Stuart Immonen.

As revealed in the closing pages of Captain America # 25, Hydra has risen again and someone very close to Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers has betrayed them. Although if readers examine that issue closely, the identity of the traitor isn’t that hard to guess. Just ask yourself which hero is acting wildly out of character.

Marvel has released a first look at All-New Captain America with some really terrific pages by Immonen. Click on that first image to see the double-page spread at a bigger size!

All-New Captain America # 1 throws its mighty shield on Wednesday, October 28.


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