RANKED! Our Favorite Movie Theater Chains

Photo: izusek (Getty Images)

Are movie theaters an endangered species that will be extinct in a couple of generations or will there always be a place for the shared movie-going experience? This debate has been raging on for decades since the advent of television in the 1950s, and in subsequent decades with the introduction of cable television, video games, and now Netflix.

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Despite all these viable entertainment threats, the movie box office has actually grown over the years. The final total for the 2018 domestic box office was the biggest ever at $11.85 billion, according to comScore. Obviously, the death of the movie theater has been greatly exaggerated. Sure, we may not be going to as many films but we’re still shelling out a lot of money to go see event movies such as Jordan Peele’s Us most recently proved.

So what are the best theaters to go to? Well, we did the leg work for you and ranked our favorite movie chains.

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