Exclusive | Stan Lee’s Work Force Book 3 Trailer Premiere

Photo: Stan Lee’s Work Force Book 1 (Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment

Excelsior! Stan Lee’s Work Force Book 3, the third installment of Stan Lee and Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment’s original story, is premiering online on therealstanlee.com this Thursday, October 4, and we have the exclusive trailer premiere!

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In Stan Lee’s Work Force Book 3, the team races against the clock to beat a looming comic book deadline. It’s down to the wire when a supervillain greeting card company moves in upstairs! The noisy neighbors are far from considerate, with strange distractions and dastardly disturbances wreaking havoc across the Excelsior Building.

Are they doing it on purpose? Or is it just their villainous nature? And how will the team react when the baddies try to recruit their own supervillain editor, Count Nemesis. Check out the trailer below!

Stan Lee’s Work Force Book is an online action-comedy comic book series with Lee portraying the boss of a superhero staff and all new adventures in their daily office life. In Stan Lee’s Work Force Book 1 and Stan Lee’s Work Force Book 2, the story revolves around superheroes managed by Lee, working in a typical office setting and dealing with atypical problems ranging from a sentient copy machine to monster attacks. The third installment will find the group discovering that there is something villainous about the new neighbors.

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Photo: Stan Lee’s Work Force Book 3 (Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment)