RANKED! Spider-Man Movies Leading Up to ‘Far From Home’

Photo by Sony Entertainment

Spider-Man is surely one of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s most popular creations. Since the dawn of the comic book movie golden age, he has been the focus of seven films so far and one more on the way in Spider-Man: Far From Home. In some ways, Spider-Man is one of the most sympathetic superheroes, if there is such a thing. The development of his powers mirrors that of adolescence itself, with its massive physical and emotional changes that can feel as gargantuan as developing superhuman abilities.

Spider-Man resonates even today. But what is next for the web-slinger? Audiences anxiously await Spider-Man: Far From Home, but after that, his future is far less clear. Marvel and Sony Entertainment’s five-film agreement over the character will end and he will return to the latter. Will Sony Entertainment keep Tom Holland, or will Spider-Man be recast once again, for the fourth time in less than two decades? Only time will tell. Until that fateful moment comes, here are the many Spider-Man movies so far ranked from worst to best.

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