19 Hilarious Neighbor Disputes

Photo: Nils Hendrik Mueller (Getty)

Living near anyone you don’t know can be quite the adventure. And by adventure we mean it can be quite the nightmare journey. But most people get lucky and are able to live with no issues at all. But then there are folks that end up having problems with their neighbor. Take for example the woman who left a note for her neighbors who were having super loud sex. And don’t forget the German porn star who was sued by her neighbors for moaning too loudly (although I wouldn’t mind being her neighbor).

And those are just two examples. But of course there are plenty more, and you can find them below. And since we weren’t involved in any of these unfortunate situations, we find them hilarious. Although we wouldn’t find it so funny if we actually had to deal with neighbors like these.

19 Hilarious Neighbor Disputes 

So the lesson here is that everyone should aim to live by themselves in a little hut in the middle of nowhere. Either that or become a caretaker to a creepy old hotel, and hope a blizzard doesn’t roll by. You know, whatever works for you.

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