Justin Bieber Slams On Brakes To Cause An Accident, Compares Himself To Princess Diana


Justin Bieber is attends Bible study classes, so everybody should know that when it comes to traffic, Bieber only yields for the holy spirit.

Bieber was driving his red Ferrari in West Hollywood early Tuesday afternoon when he noticed a photog following him in a Prius. We’re told an annoyed Bieber slammed on his brakes and the photog crashed into him.

And if you thought Christians were just being persecuted in Iraq, you should stop watching Fix News, and realize Christians are being persecuted right in our own backyard.



I’m not sure how it goes down in Canada , but check the manual, there are laws that would have prevented you from experiencing what you just experienced. The law is (if I can paraphrase) don’t slam on your fucking brakes when somebody is following you. I don’t know the side effects of sizzurp personally, but when you cause an accident, try not to whine about how it could have been prevented. I know this might be a little confusing, so have Selena give me a call and I’ll explain to her.


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