Jeremy Renner Got Attacked In Thailand, Somebody Else Got Hit With An Axe

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Actor Jeremy Renner was in a barfight in Phuket, Thailand where one dude got stabbed in the stomach and another dude didn’t follow Wu-Tang’s advice to protect ya neck, so he got slashed with a goddamn roto axe. He’s now in serious condition. TMZ reports:

Thai authorities say Jeremy and his party had been bar hopping and ended up at the club where the violence broke out at 4:30 AM, after hours. One of the men in Jeremy’s party — Vorasit Issara, the General Manager of the Siri Panwa Resort — dropped a glass on the floor and apparently that started the melee. Six men — who apparently worked at the bar — then allegedly attacked Jeremy, Vorasit and the others in their party. In addition to being stabbed in the neck, Vorasit was stabbed in the stomach with a knife. One source claims Vorasit was drinking and was in a heated argument with the bar staff immediately before the attack. The six men who attacked Jeremy’s group were arrested. Jeremy suffered minor injuries.

Jesus Christ. The Hangover II told me that if I went to Thailand all I had to worry about was pickpocket monkeys and getting ass raped by a tranny, not getting attacked by natives with medieval weaponry after I drop a glass in a bar. I want to go to Thailand and chill on the beach with something that’s frozen with alcohol in it, not worry about going through customs because I tried to smuggle in chainmail.


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