Guy Attacks Girlfriend After Discovering He Got Axe Body Spray For Christmas

Photo: Gordon Chibroski/Portland Press Herald (Getty Images)

When I was in high school all the guys in my gym class would change clothes and then spray every inch of their body in Axe body spray — that’s really what everyone thought was the best thing ever. Now Axe is known as the go-to fragrance for douchebags. Well Axe, which is known as Lynx in Britain, doesn’t have a fan in Steven Manson.

Manson, a 21-year-old from Paisley, learned that his girlfriend, Nicole Armstrong, was getting him a Lynx set for Christmas. And Manson apparently didn’t like that so he went bonkers, punched a hole in a door and attacked Armstrong, too.

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Armstrong called police and Manson was arrested. Manson spent the holidays behind bars, but luckily for him he was cleared of assaulting Armstrong by pinning her down and grabbing her throat. Instead, Manson was found guilty of damaging a kitchen door.

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The court heard Manson was at his girlfriend’s flat on 1 December when the pair got into an argument. Armstrong told the court:

“He came over to the house and we had an argument. I had been out Christmas shopping. I had bought him a Lynx set. He wasn’t happy about it. He said, ‘Is that all I am worth?’. It cost £2 ($2.71) and was only something I had picked up. I would have got him something better. But the Lynx set came back up again and the argument escalated from there. He was really angry with me. He was jumping about waving his arms. I pushed him away.”

According to The Daily Record, here’s what Manson had to say about the incident:

“She told me: ‘I have picked you up a Lynx set. I asked her, ‘What else are you getting me?’ She said, ‘What else am I getting you! You ungrateful bastard. You know I’m going to get you more than that. I went to give her a cuddle and she pushed me away. It all started from there.”

This turd spent 30 days behind bars and was ordered to pay $135 for the damaged door.

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