Jeremy Renner Got Divorced, Has To Pay $13K A Month In Child Support

*Jeremy Renner checks to see if any black people are around* “nigga what”

The Avengers star will also pay $13,000 a month in child support, according to court documents. And in the case Renner makes more than $2.3 million a year, he is subject to pay 5 percent of the excess as additional child support.

Jeremy Renner says dumb shit most of the time, but here’s the deal: he met Sonni Pacheco, she got pregnant, they got married, she got a green card, she filed for divorce 10 months later, now she gets $13K a month and his kid. I’d probablt say dumb shit too. These are the types of reasons why Investigation Discovery is a network. I hope doesn’t slip and fall on an arrow.

Here’s some pictures of Scarlett Johansson I picked out. My criteria wasn’t really that complicated.


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