Kobe Bryant’s Wife Filed For Divorce

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Vanessa Bryant, wife of Lakers’ superstar guard Kobe Bryant, has filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences” ending their 10-year marriage. Apparently they had differing opinions on where Kobe should stick his dick. TMZ reports:

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ … Vanessa — who stuck by Kobe after he was charged with sexually assaulting a Colorado woman in 2003 — decided to end the marriage because she believes Kobe has been unfaithful … again. As one source puts it, “She’s been dealing with these incidents for a long time and has been a faithful wife, but she’s finally had enough,” adding, “This one is the straw that broke the camel’s back.” And our sources say … Kobe “desperately” wants to win Vanessa back and will do “whatever it takes” to save their 10 1/2 year marriage. According to the legal docs, Vanessa is asking for joint custody of their 2 daughters — 8-year-old Natalia and 5-year-old Gianna — but Vanessa is asking that Kobe get visitation rights, which means she wants the kids in her care most of the time.

Oh, did I mention she’s already taken the house and they have no prenup? I didn’t? Hang on.

TMZ reports:

Kobe Bryant has already moved out of his MASSIVE Newport Coast mansion … permanently — because TMZ has learned Vanessa gets the estate in the couple’s divorce. Kobe purchased the sprawling Orange County property back in 2001. As part of the divorce settlement, Kobe agreed to give up the property. TMZ broke the story, the couple had NO prenup … which means Vanessa is entitled to half of EVERY DOLLAR Kobe made since they were married ten years ago.

The last time Kobe raped a chick in Colorado, all it took was a $4 million ring and custom designed automatic transmission Ferrari to make Vanessa forget it ever happened. But once a cheater always a cheater, so I guess Vanessa finally learned you can’t really put a price tag on your self-respect. However, you can take a motherfucker’s house, his kids, and half his shit though. But don’t feel bad for her. She’ll find love again. All she needs to do is hit the tanning bed for about six months and Kim Kardashian will marry her.

NOTE: Rape and infidelity aside, I’ll never forgive the Charlotte Hornets for trading Kobe Bryant’s draft rights to the Lakers for FUCKING VLADE DIVAC. I mean, the dude had a beard for chrissakes. A beard.


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