O.J. Simpson Gets Released

O.J. Simpson was shackled and shuffled to Clark County Justice Court this morning where he had his arraignment and bail hearing, and was subsequently released on $125,000 cash bond until his trial date. When he was read the list of felony charges against him, O.J. acted surprised and confused until the end when he told the judge he understood everything. Kinda like how he lied about killing his wife for all those years and then wrote a book admitting he did it. What a paradox that guy is! Hey, O.J., next time you almost die in a Naked Gun movie, make sure you actually do it. Then you’ll be a motion picture hero of sorts, like Brandon Lee, or that wife murdering douche who finally died in that Naked Gun movie.

Update: Here are a few pictures of O.J. Simpson’s girlfriend, Christine Prody, who looks like a cranked out street hooker version of Nicole Brown-Simpson. But that’s not creepy at all.