Jennifer Love Hewitt Has a Stalker

Jennifer Love Hewitt received help from Mary Ann Winkowski, the real life “ghost whisperer” in which Hewitt’s character, ‘Melinda’, on her hit CBS drama is based, to exorcise a ghost that was stalking her in her home. Winkowski states:

It was almost like a ‘stalker-ghost’. He went to the same high school that she went to. “Apparently when this guy died, they went to clean out his house and he had a whole wall of nothing but her pictures on it.” Love Hewitt says, “I wasn’t really scared by him, but I thought maybe he should be in another place. That way things would stop rattling in my kitchen.”

To be fair Jen, let’s cut this guy a break. He died, like we all probably will, never having the chance to see your tits. The guy thought enough of them to stalk you after he was dead, so you could’ve had the decency to flash him or something. Because let’s face it, even dead guys want to see you naked. So do us a favor, either pose in Playboy, strip in your next movie or quit acting. I will refuse to watch Garfield’s A Tale of Two Kitties unless one of those “kitties” is yours.