Kelly Clarkson Has a Big Fat Ego

“American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson, subject to a scolding from Simon Cowell for not letting her songs be used by new contestants on the show, has agreed to do so, a spokesman said Wednesday. A day earlier, he said Clarkson was not allowing any of her songs to be licensed for other purposes. He said on Wednesday that he had not been informed by her management that negotiations were under way, and that Clarkson would allow it on a “case-by-case basis.” That was also a day after “American Idol” judge Cowell sharply criticized her.

I think that by ignoring the show you’re ignoring the audience who put you there,” Cowell said Tuesday.

Are you fuckin’ kidding me? So it’s okay that you won by singing Aretha Franklin songs, but now that you are a big star, you would never condescend to let your music(?) be used on the show. Instead of going through all this trouble, why not just run on stage during the show and take a dump right on the ‘America Idol’ logo. You would get the same effect. How about more time on a treadmill and less time assuming the whole world really cares about the musical legacy of a ‘Star Search’ contestant. I think it’s cool that you were just a girl from Texas with hopes and a dream, but I shouldn’t need fly DNA just to carry your lumpy ass up a flight of stairs. I swear, I’ve seen better bodies on hobbits.

Note: If you feel like punching me, turn that aggression into something positive. Go here.


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