Mischa Barton Wants to Have a Body

Mischa Barton has made a New Year’s Resolution to start gaining weight to add some curves to her rail thin body. She also wants to stop smoking which she knows will help. A source said:

“Mischa wants to give up cigarettes because of the health issues, but also because she knows it will improve her figure. She’s convinced she can stop smoking and get a little curvier, too, if she puts her mind to it.”

There are also reports that she is about to split with her musician(?) boyfriend Cisco Adler because he’s too possessive. During their stay at Miami’s Victor Hotel over New Years, they had a “heated argument” because Mischa wanted to spend time with her male friends and not just exclusively with him.

In her headshot, Mischa is damn near perfect. In the right light and at the precise angle, she looks sorta kinda doable in a bikini. So I’m hoping that intervention will be good for at least 10 pounds. If not, then she’ll at least be rid of this freak. For the love of god, I wish someone would explain to me why in the hell a rich, attractive girl would date a mutant like this. The people under the stairs at least comb their hair. I might feel bad for making fun of him if he was just disguting, but he’s also an ignorant prick. And unless he has huge junk, I don’t see what her attraction would be. Considering this possessive little crybaby is one step away from pouring acid on her car and boiling her pet rabbit, I assume he’s probably hung like a girl.

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