Inspire: Author Matthew Emerzian Wants to Know What Matters to You

For most people, Mondays are a source of dread, but for author Matthew Emerzian, they’re something to behold. Instead of a “case of the Mondays,” he sees an opportunity for purpose, passion and positivity (not necessarily in that order, but maybe all at once). He wants to do more than inspire people. He’s looking to transform.

This week’s Inspire segment focuses in on refocusing what matters.

Emerzian’s first book Every Monday Matters is the unexpected lovechild born of a “successful” life misspent flirting heavily with disaster, which culminated into a life-altering panic attack. Chronic anxiety, panic and claustrophobia began to consume him until suicidal visions danced around his head while he drove to work.

Time for a time out.

The man had everything anybody could want: money, possessions, power, beautiful women, VIP parties, after-parties, after-after-parties. But like most Hollywood horror stories might tell you, it created a hollow existence that needed a serious reboot.

His first shot at Every Monday Matters in 2009 was awarded the fancy Oprah Book Club sticker, but as Emerzian reimmersed himself in his major music industry mishap, he continued to feel pulled down. Along the way, his therapist taught him a few things, one of which would stick with him: It’s not about you.

In doing his weekly therapist-assigned two-hour acts of service on Saturdays, he discovered his happiness was found more in picking up litter, connecting with others and sharing experiences than signing clients, impressing celebrities and staying out past his bedtime. He realized that life was, in fact, not all about him. And that was what mattered.

Slowly but surely enough, he invested more of himself into those experiences, tipping the scale towards the fulfilling two hours and away from the discouraging 60-hour grind, until finally, he walked away from it completely to make Every Monday Matters an every-apartment idea. The last big push that got him there? Ironically, a woman’s personal message telling him that she saved somebody from suicide during her weekly act of service, somebody she was convinced she wouldn’t have helped if it hadn’t been for his book.


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His 2012 Ted Talk spoke to people about having it all (the good stuff in life) while having all the bad stuff, too. Money and anxiety. Power and depression. Purpose and meaningless existence.

Now, Emerzian spends his most days helping people envision how they can start each week on the right foot, making Mondays a blissful marriage of positive ideas and action, rather than a funeral. It’s the start of something new, something beautiful. But most importantly, he’s teaching people he comes into contact with one very simple idea that not many of us hear often enough, if ever: You matter.

Ten years later, the new edition of Every Monday Matters is here and aims to kick off the week on a positive note wherein you’re changing the world one Monday at a time. Whether that means picking up cigarette butts, planting seeds for growth (both figuratively and not), writing a letter of gratitude to a stranger for their service, we’re making a positive impact in how we begin each week so that we might end on a positive note, too.

And before you know it, it’s Monday again.

So what matters to you? Seriously, we want to know.

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