Kevin Federline is Official

For those of you who haven’t seen it already, Kevin Federline launched his very own official website ( and his official MySpace ( over the holidays. But if that wasn’t enough excitement, he also released his song “PopoZao” through Yahoo Music where people are actually paying money to hear it. I listened to the snippet of the song he hosted on his MySpace and after I realized it was causing me to involuntarily stab my ears with my pen, I decided it would be unhealthy to listen to the full version.

Pictured below is K-Fed’s ball and chain shopping with her sister on December 26th. For those of you who will undoubtedly say, “She’s hot”, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and look a little closer at the dirty black roots and ghetto swap meet extensions on her head, then move down to the angry, festering breakout all over her face and neck. If after that you’re still thinking “she’s hot”, then congratulations on your lack of a gag reflex and your low standards. At least you and Britney share that in common.