Kevin Federline Got Married Again


“You, dawgs. Ya’ll want some chocolate and vanilla?” “LOL, good one, dad!”


Kevin Federline hasn’t been on this site since his tainted sperm caused Britney Spears to shave her head and attack a car with an umbrella then be ruled by the courts as too stupid to make the simplest of life choices (she remains under that same court ruling to this day), but he’s back. Because he got married again. E! Online reports:

Britney Spears’ ex husband made it official in Las Vegas on Saturday, E! News confirms. And the proposal and marriage came as a surprise to K-Fed’s blond ladylove, Victoria Prince. Victoria tells E!: “For the first time in my life, I got a taste of heaven!”  The couple began dating back in 2008 and are proud parents to their 1-year-old daughter, Jordan Kay, who was also along for the memorable trip and surprise nuptials. Victoria shared a pic of her daughter en route to Vegas with the caption: “Road trip with mommy, daddy, and grandma!! bestgma federline4real #thefedz#vivalasvegas.”

So if you’re keeping count a home, Kevin Federline now has five kids with three different baby mamas. Ten more and he can play cornerback for the Jets.


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