Ashlee Simpson is Collapsing

Ashlee Simpson is in a Tokyo hospital after having passed out following a performance on MTV Japan.

The 21-year-old singer on Thursday had just performed her single, “Boyfriend” for MTV Japan, when she told the audience she felt sick and said to them, “I love you guys,” Us Weekly reported Friday. She then collapsed in an elevator and was rushed by ambulance to a hospital. Her representative, Rob Shuter, confirmed the report to The Associated Press, but would not give further details or provide Simpson’s condition.”

The human body has a funny way of rejecting things it doesn’t like, and in Ashlee Simpson’s case, it turns against her when she tries to sing. Either her throat is shutting down, her stomach acid tries to eat her alive or her brain decides to knock her out. She may not be much of a singer or very fun to look at, but at least she has awesome internal organs, for they’re trying really hard to shut her up. So the First Annual Celebrity Internal Organ Achievement Award goes to Ashlee Simpson’s innards. They couldn’t be here today, natch. Accepting on their behalf are Ashlee Simpson’s sunglasses.

Source: CNN

Thanks Nate and Matthew!