Kirsten Dunst is Drunk Again

Kirsten Dunst hasn’t been getting drunk well enough on her own, so she did what any aspiring alcoholic would do and found a professional drinking partner named Tara Reid.

Kirsten Dunst has been dubbed “Kirsten Drunkst” after her drinking habits have reportedly spun out of control. Pals of the Spider-Man beauty are said to be concerned the star is partying excessively and believe her new found friendship with notorious Hollywood party girl Tara Reid is partly to blame. Dunst and Reid arrived together at club promoter Brent Bolthouse’s recent party at top Los Angeles nightclub Privilege, and were seen knocking back drinks until the early hours, according to the New York Post.”

Their use of the word “beauty” was obviously a politically correct way of saying “spindly, self righteous spawn of Gollum”, or Dunst hacked the editor’s computer and added “beauty” where that should have been. The saddest part about these pictures of her taken this weekend is she was very likely sober when she dressed herself, and so was the stylist who stuck those ratty extensions on her head. Oh, but just you wait. She’ll be drunk soon and the first thing to go will be that thrift store clearance sale bra, and … vomit bags are located in front of you and emergency exits are located at either end of the cabin.

Thanks to Casey for the link.

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