Dennis Rodman Kisses and Tells

Dennis Rodman has a new autobiography named I Should Be Dead By Now in which he tells the bedroom tales of his past experiences with lovers such as Carmen Electra and Madonna. About Madonna:

Rodman claims Madonna once flew from Las Vegas, Nevada to New York in an unsuccessful attempt to conceive the former Chicago Bulls star’s child during their romance in the early 1990s. And Rodman still can’t understand why their fling didn’t produce a baby. He says, “She just would do the weirdest things to make sure she was going to get impregnated by Dennis Rodman. It didn’t work. I’m pretty potent. I’m surprised.”

Thank goodness Madonna’s eggs were smart enough to run away when Rodman was poking around. The thought of what that kid would have looked like is frightening. I imagine it would have been born with huge gapped teeth, hooves for feet and lobster claw hands. And that’s just stemming from Rodman’s DNA.

Dennis Rodman also says Carmen Electra would holler out racial slurs during sex with him to keep him motivated:

Rodman admits he was surprised when Electra, who is now married to rocker Dave Navarro, first used the ‘N’ word while they were making love: “I was stunned. I mean I’ve had sex with a lot of white girls and not one white girl has ever called me that unless they were pissed off.”

I think it’s safe to say Carmen Electra is probably one of the few white girls in America who can get away with calling a giant, crazy black dude like Dennis Rodman the “N” word during sex without being tossed in the air and batted out the window by his appendage. Hell, I have enough of a girl-crush on her to let her call me the “C” word and tell me my shoes are ugly as long as she lets me touch her boobies.