“Dunst” means “horrible stench” in Danish

Sultry eye-candy reader Dan wrote in to remind me that God does sometimes smile on the righteous and punish the wicked. In this case, me and Kirsten Dunst, respectively. Dan is probably somewhere in the middle. But he says:

I don’t seek Kirsten Dunst news; it finds me. Somebody mentioned seeing her at a bar (poor bastard) and a friend of a friend, who is from Denmark, said that “dunst” is a Danish word meaning “horrible stench.” He didn’t elaborate, but he stressed that the implications are so severe that the word is used sparingly.”

I speak Danish fluently of course, but I’d forgotten this because my time in Denmark is part of my mysterious past that I’m running from, while trying to start a new life here in the OC, but this really is true. “Dunst” really does mean “stench”. The only thing not clear is if its always meant that or if this is the kind of thing where the formal name becomes slang for a general term. Like when people say “FedEx” when they just mean to priority mail something, or like how in the south we refer to every kind of soft drink as “Coke”. Did Dunst always mean to smell like dead fish, or did she spend some time there in a loose fitting skirt and the Danish just know something we don’t.