Kirsten Dunst is Still Hateable. And Drunk.

Well hung reader, Steve, sent me this article about Kirsten Dunst. I skimmed over the flattering garbage because there’s no reason to read or write anything flattering about Kirsten Dunst unless it’s to say she “looks less ugly” today than she “normally does” which probably doesn’t happen very often. The fun part is that the article opens with the writer’s first impression of Dunst as she sat down for the interview.

That bitch!” snaps Kirsten Dunst, sotto voce, after being grilled relentlessly by a journalist about her relationship with Donnie Darko’s Jake Gyllenhaal.”

To spare you from reading the whole tedious thing, it pretty much boils down to an interview filled with Kirsten feeling sorry for herself for having grown up as a celebrity and complaining about people asking about and reporting on her love life. Then she goes on to promise she’s going to keep making movies. Okay, so in order to please Kirsten, let’s promise Kirsten we’re not going to ask about her love life anymore and only ask two questions: “When are you going to pay someone to finally fix your teeth so you resemble a human rather than a vampire bat?” and “Will you please stop acting?”

Oh, and thanks to Popsugar for sending me these pictures of drunk Kirsten Dunst even though they made me dry heave.

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