Charlize Theron on Arrested Development

Zap2it is reporting that “Fox’s Arrested Development has scored a casting coup, landing Oscar winner Charlize Theron for a guest-starring arc this fall. Theron will appear in five episodes of the Emmy-winning series. She’ll play a ‘gorgeous British woman’ named Rita who becomes a love interest for Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman). She began filming this week and will make her first appearance in the show’s second episode, scheduled for Monday, Sept. 26. (This) will be her first work on a TV series.”

I have friends who are trying to make it as actresses and since I’m a powerful Hollywood celebrity, they often turn to me for advice on how to get on TV, and I tell them they should win an Academy Award. That’s what that chick on Arrested Development did, I say. And they say that’s unrealistic and stupid. And I say, well have you even tried. And eventually they admit that they haven’t even tried. And then they get pretty sad. And then I grab their ass. Cause, you know, maybe.