Kevin Federline is a jackass

Kevin Federline reportedly believes that his wife, Britney Spears, should give birth on live TV this October. However, even camera-loving Britney is understandably skeptical. Star magazine writes that “Even though their recent TV show Chaotic didn’t do well in the ratings, Kevin thinks that a two-part special in which Britney goes into labor and subsequently delivers would draw viewers”. Says a source:

Britney told me that it wouldn’t be Kevin screaming and crying out in pain on TV. She said giving birth should be a very private thing for just Kevin and her to share, and that she’s not sure she wants the whole world looking on. Britney feels that when a woman gives birth, she’s certainly not looking her best, and she doesn’t want to have to worry about how she looks in front of the camera when she should be concentrating on birthing a healthy baby.

Sadly, that may not be the end of it. The source continues:

Britney has agreed to allow Kevin to tape the big moment with their personal video camera, and depending on the outcome and just how difficult a time she has, she says she might reconsider and allow it to air after the fact.”

Yikes. This really does cross some line that I didn’t even think existed before. Whoreing out your wife giving birth for a few dollars is one step from forcing her to blow Saudi oil billionaires in their jet while you wait in the car. For Britney to even consider this lunacy is terrifying. The best case scenario is she’s brainwashed. He’s like Manson. Except at least Manson wrote his own songs.

And now I’m just going to put up these old Pepsi promos cause I’m so much happier in my pretend world. Before Kevin. Where Britney is still a sweet girl from Kentwood and I’m a viking in outer space.