Courtney Love is disgusting

These pictures of Courtney Love and Pam Anderson (Pam is the one on the right) at the premier of Rize showed up last night and it’s absolutely remarkable how bad Courtney looks. I know calling her ugly is kind of redundant, but a normal human body has the occasional right angle on it. And hers used too. Now she looks like Strong Sad – look at that hoof she has jammed into that poor shoe. I’ve never felt so much empathy for a shoe before. I have no empathy for her since she’s done this to herself, she has all the time and money in the world and yet she looks like one of those Water Weasels where one grab one end and squeeze and all the fluid inside balloons up on the other. At least she’ll never sneak up on anyone, since there’s probably a sloshing sound whenever she walks. And she’s clearly still on drugs cause there no way you can stand on a red carpet looking like this next to Pam Anderson looking like that and not wanna put a shotgun in your mouth. Which is kind of ironic, since it’s Courtney Love were talking about.


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