Mischa Barton still can’t dress

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Mischa Barton’s fashion choices are just getting to be ridiculous. What in God’s name is this? The suit’s ugly to begin with, but … are those bells? You don’t really need bells in the water unless you’re bait for a monster and you need the guys on the boat to know you’re being attacked. So all they really do is accentuate her hips, which isn’t the greatest idea in the world if you’re Mischa Barton. She’s adorable from the neck up, but her body isn’t exactly Hollywood perfect. Probably be good for a pioneer or something. Her double wide hips would make birthin her young’ns a snap and her lack of any breasts would make it easier to chop firewood and fight off wily Indian savages. But lounging around a Hollywood pool? I don’t know man. I don’t know.