Mischa Barton can’t dress

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Mischa Barton is adorable from the neck up and she makes out with other chicks, which I appreciate, but this is the ugliest fuckin outfit I’ve ever seen. No one’s shooting at you Mischa. Take your time and pick out something nice. Or just go with Garanimals or something, because not a single piece here matches another. I have no idea what’s hanging from the front of your jacket or why you thought that headband was a good idea. And are there rattlesnakes loose, why are you wearing shin guards? If there are rattlesnakes, they should just cancel that event. Seriously. We use them at my church and, trust me, they’re no laughing matter. They’ll know if you sin. My mom says my hands get bit because they spend so much time at my genitals. And we can’t go get medicine cause the cities are filled with gays. She’s so wise.