the Ring 2 is coming

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I don’t really know how, but in the past 30 minutes I saw a 22 minute South Park and 47 minutes of commercials for the Ring 2. Japanese people must be terrified of little kids with wet hair, cause that’s what all their horror movies are about these days. I’m unapologetically jingoistic, but god-damn the rest of the world is weird. What kind of pussy country chooses a damp little girl for the killer in their slasher pics. Out of all the serial killers in movies, I think I’ll take my chances against the unarmed 10 year old, thanks. And even though the Japanese make some pretty weird movies – when they’re not slaughtering dolphins or masturbating to violent porn – it is kinda cool that Hideo Nakata, who directed the original Ring 1 and 2, has been brought in to direct the American version of the sequel.

I really just like Japanese directors cause they don’t take any shit from the actors. I remember an interview with Sarh Michelle Gellar where she talked about making The Grudge with Takashi Shimizu and, while in the middle of filming, she tried to interject her thoughts on the direction of the character, and Shimizu told her to shut the fuck and say the words on the page, monkey. And even though he said all that in angry Japanese, I’m pretty sure no translator was needed.


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