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Fishing Sure Was Made Easy At This Grocery Store In Georgia

Photo: sihasakprachum (Getty)

When I go to a grocery story or a supermarket I never head towards the seafood, and that’s mainly because I prefer more important foods like frozen pizza or ice cream. And if you want to know how much interest I have in fish just look at the number of times I’ve gone fishing while on this planet: once. But with that said, there are tons of people who enjoy fishing, and it was made extremely easy at one grocery store in Georgia.

A shopper was able to film the aftermath of an aquarium shattering at the store in Tbilisi, leaving fish flopping everywhere.

Take a look at the bizarre video below:

No word yet on how in the hell the tank shattered, but my guess is that some kid was practicing his martial arts moves that he had just learned and accidentally kicked the tank. At least that’s the most logical explanation.

According to the person behind the camera, employees were doing everything in their power to save the fish.

No word yet on whether the fish will now be half off, but I’m going to assume they will be.

h/t UPI

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