Police Pursuit Ends With Couple Making Out Before Being Arrested

Photo: Jonathan Knowles (Getty)

Like something straight out of a ’90s movie, an Arizona couple decided to hug and make-out before surrendering to police after a 30-minute police pursuit.

35-year-old Dustin Perkins and his gal, 29-year-old Lovida Flores decided to steal a SUV, and when a Mesa police officer attempted to pull them over, the driver failed to yield and the pursuit was on. A helicopter also overlooked the entire pursuit as the driver did everything from drive off-road, to driving the wrong way, to running red lights and driving on the road’s shoulder. All in an effort to avoid police.

But it’s what the two suspects did in a desert area after crashing through two fences that makes this quite the video. Have a look at the couple embracing before being handcuffed.

Well that was certainly quite the goodbye. And I hope it was worth it because now the couple is facing charges of unlawful flight, reckless driving, aggressive driving, criminal damage and vehicle theft. Oh, and they were both seriously injured during the pursuit as Perkins suffered a broken hand and Flores was in “serious condition.”

Hope it was worth it, lovebirds.

h/t AZ Central

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