Suspect Cries After Getting His Head Stuck Between Prison Bars

Photo: Instants (Getty)

I hope I never end up in prison, but if there’s one thing I hope never happens if I somehow do end up in prison is to get my head stuck in some prison bars like the poor idiot below did. Just think of all your fellow cellmates can do to you while you’re stuck. Oh boy.

The video below was captured in a police station in China, and shows a suspect going bonkers at a couple of officers trying to help him after he somehow got his head stuck in between his prison bars. The man yells obscenities at the officers, but he soon begins to cry as the officers try to pull the bars apart. The suspects also yells that he is innocent.

Check out the video below:

According to Chinese media reports, the man was eventually free, although there is no word if he was injured. We don’t even know his name or why he was behind bars. All we know are two things: that that dude isn’t very bright, and that the prison bars in China are extremely flexible.

h/t Metro

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