This Family Tried To Release A Squirrel And It Went Completely Wrong

Photo: Neil_Burton (Getty)

Remember how last year we told you about a dude who tried to release a mouse back into the wild only for it to have quite the terrible ending? Well the video below is pretty damn similar, but this time around it’s all about a squirrel instead of a poor mouse.

So it looks like a family tried its best to rehab an injured and sick squirrel. And when they did their best their next move was to release it back where it came from. And let’s just say that this video has quite the twist.

Take a look at it below.

Holy hell. Here’s how the family described the incident on YouTube.

“My son brought home an injured squirrel to see if we could rehab and release. we kept just few days and he made some improvement. we decided to go ahead and try to release. Since my son was not home I was making video for him. My son is Hoss. We had no idea our cat Tom was outside at the time of release. Once Tom got the squirrel he did immediately drop him at our door. Tom the cat did not kill the squirrel. He lived a few more days and then died from what ever he was sick from originally.”

Well, I’m glad that squirrel got to at least chill out a few days at someone’s house before biting the dust. Here’s hoping he’s chilling with the other squirrels in heaven.

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