The Internet Is Impressed By This Dog Jumping Through A Gate Like A Boss

Photo: Eudyptula (Getty)

Remember when people used to say, “like a boss“? Yeah, I’m bringing it back and I’m doing it with no regrets. Now let’s get to talking about this rad (also bringing that word back) dog.

A Twitter user known as Rudy Mustang recently shared an awesome video of his Australian Shepard dog named Callie performing quite the stunt. Just like something out of The Matrix, Callie runs and jumps between a gate in order to get through. She barely touches the gate, too.

Take a look at the video below:

And since the internet loves dogs more than people (as they should), they went nuts:

Good going, Callie. And don’t worry, folks, we will be back to writing about boobs and teachers hooking up with students soon enough.

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