Another Group Of Idiot Parents Fight At A Hockey Game While The Kids Watch From The Ice

Photo: Rulles (Getty)

I once had the pleasure of interviewing the men’s basketball coach at my college, and I asked him if the latest generation of kids at that time was ruining the sport. Without an ounce of hesitation, he replied that it wasn’t so much the kids as it was their parents.

“You see, Tommy, the kids are just doing what they have always done and that’s playing basketball,” he said. “But it’s the parents in the stands who either see dollar signs or have no idea how to handle watching their child fail anymore. It’s always somebody else’s fault when it comes to their kid losing, so they either look to the coach, the ref or sometimes another parent.”

Fast-forward 18 years later, and that is apparently still the case and then some, as this group of “adults” at what looks to be a recent high school hockey game proved by getting into fistcuffs while their kids all watched the action from the ice.

Oh geez.

It’s going to be hell for whichever one of those guys had to have his wife intervene in their scuffle. I mean, after catching hell from his old lady, it’s going to be ten times worse the next time he’s out trying to enjoy a cold one with the boys. Although, if he chooses to fight at the bar, he better be careful because his wife won’t be there to save him this time around.

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