Former Virginia Daycare Worker Found Guilty Of Creating ‘Baby Fight Club’

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Well, she can’t fight her way out of this one.

Sarah Jordan, a 31-year-old former Virginia daycare worker, has been found guilty of starting what prosecutors called a “baby fight club.” And while the film Baby Geniuses was terrible, this “baby fight club” was way, way worse.

Aside from making babies fight with each other, the kids, who were as young as one, were forced to eat flaming hot Cheetos. Jordan also called one little girl ugly, and got off on spraying kids who were afraid of water in the face with a hose. Jordan was convicted of seven felonies and six misdemeanors.

If you were looking for an explanation for this weirdo’s actions this is it: “entertainment.” That’s what Jordan said when asked why she abused these babies for eight months.

And if you think this is the only time this has occurred you would be wrong, because New Jersey had a “toddler fight club” that was going on as well. How this occurs once, let alone two times, is baffling.

Jordan will be sentenced in May and faces a maximum of 41 years behind bars.

Take a look at the news report below to learn more about Jordan and see reactions of some of the kids’ parents.

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