Is This A UFO That Flashes Across The Sky Just Before A Plane Lands At Heathrow Airport?

Photo: homeworks255 (Getty)

Coming in hot!

According to the Daily Mail, a mystery object flashed across the sky over London’s Heathrow Airport Sunday night just before a plane made it’s final descent onto the runway, leading many to wonder if it was a meteor, space debris or of course, a UFO.

The greatest part is that unlike your crazy uncle telling you in way too much detail about how he got probed by an alien but doesn’t have any photographic evidence to back it up, there is actually a pretty rad video of the Heathrow incident that is making the rounds on the World Wide this week.

Give it a watch and then draw your own conclusion. Is it a UFO? Is it space debris? Is Richard Branson up to some more out-of-this-world crazy shit? You make the call.

For the record, the crew at AirLive and other experts are calling it a meteor.

Clemens Rumpf, a man who specializes in space debris at the University of Southampton, said it was likely a “large meteor about one meter in diameter.”

“These events occur harmlessly multiple times a year but can be spectacular when caught on camera,” Rumpf said. “There was probably no immediate danger for any passenger aircraft as these objects tend to burn up, as seen in the footage, at altitudes of 20 to 45 miles (30 to 70 km), well above the flight level of planes.”

Of course, that’s what they want you to believe, am I right?

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