Another Surfer Escaped Getting Eaten By A Shark By Simply Punching It In The Face

Photo: ElizabethHoffmann (Getty)

Growing up in Wisconsin, I never really had the chance to catch a wave and learn how to become a surfing “brah.” Upon moving to California, the whole “not having health insurance” thing put a dent into becoming one. And now after watching this video, I have finally come to the conclusion that there is “no fucking way” I’m ever going to paddle out into the water.

According to UPI, a 25-year-old British doctor became the latest surfer in the waters near Sydney, Australia, to get chewed on by a shark while attempting to rides some waves. And just like surfing champion Mick Fanning did a few years back, Dr. Charlie Fry was able to escape with all of his limbs and a pulse by simply…wait for it…punching the beast in its nose.

“I saw a shark’s head come out of the water, with its teeth, and I just punched it in the face,” Fry said. “[I] then got back on my board, shouted at my friends who were there, and then managed to catch a wave in.”

The biggest surprise of the day was still to come, as the Russian judge was still a dick despite everything Fry encountered and wound up giving him just a 5.4 for his effort. Tough break.

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