Just A Bear Running Up A Tree And Taking A Huge Dump On A Hunter

Photo: Neil_Burton (Getty)

Believe it or not, you can actually hunt bears while using dogs in Maine, something that must cause no less than 13 heart attacks each year at PETA headquarters. And much like I would if I was being chased by a bunch of rednecks and their hounds, this bear hauled ass in the opposite direction and ran up a tree to save himself.

Now if this bear would have been part of the Looney Tunes gang and wearing a pair of Wranglers, he definitely would have filled those things full of shit until next Tuesday. And we know this because the Moxie Gore Guide Service posted a video to their Facebook page a few weeks ago of the bear high in the tree taking a 12-pound deuce, only since he wasn’t wearing those Wranglers, every last turd fell onto a dude named Andrew, who couldn’t have picked a worse spot to look up at his prey.

Yup, “We had a ‘shitty’ last day of the 2017 Maine bear season!” is a pretty solid way to sum that one up, although it couldn’t have been as “shitty” of a day for them as it was for the bear, who was likely shot in the face and killed shortly afterward because America.

Sorry, grandma! Poor Grandma Gets A Handful Of Poop Thrown At Her Face By Chimp