Guess What Happened When This Poor Kid Tried To Refill A Chick-Fil-A Soda Machine

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Working at any fast food joint sucks balls.

Whether it’s having to deal with asshole customers who think their soft shell taco was missing two or three strands of shredded cheese or having to mop up the vomit from some dickhead college student who was trying to prove to his pals that he could devour 60 Chicken McNuggets in 30 minutes but failed miserably at the 54-McNugget mark, spending eight hours in one of these places is eight hours of pure hell.

Even what seems like it would be the simplest of tasks can turn into your worst nightmare. Just ask this poor kid who was asked to refill the soda machine at a Chick-Fil-A last month. I mean, sure, it looks as though one of his female coworkers had rushed over to offer her assistance, but I totally get it. This was his time to show her and the rest of the ladies that he was strong enough to do it on his own.

Sadly, whether it was grips on the bottom of the Keds that failed him or just the simple physics of holding 40 pounds of Dr. Pepper high above your head at that angle, it just wasn’t this poor kid’s finest hour.

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Probably could have done without the plastic container smacking him in the dome after all of that.

At least he got a hug from an older woman at the end, which at his age, might have been totally worth it.

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