Bad Ass Aussie Picks Up Shark Stuck In Pool And Tosses It Back In The Ocean

Photo: Jeff Rotman (Getty)

Instead of picking up a shark to take a selfie with it like these idiots did, perhaps go the route that a Sydney real estate agent named Melissa Hatheier went instead.

Hatheier has gone viral after a video shows her picking up a shark that somehow got stuck in an ocean pool in order to throw back into the sea and send it on its way. Let’s first take a look at the video below that was filmed at Oak Park in Cronulla.

And it seems like Hatheier was not afraid at all to pick up something that could rip her arm off. Here’s what she had to say:

“My mum swims there every morning with friends and they rang me saying there was a shark, so I ran down there. I saw it and it was just a little Port Jackson so I just thought I should chuck him out. He was pretty distressed and bumping into things, so I just followed him around for a bit. I just thought I would try and catch him. I just dived on him. 

It was just like picking up a toddler.

I wouldn’t have done it with a great white.I thought, as long as I keep my hand near its fins it couldn’t bite me; I wouldn’t have grabbed it by the tail though. I wasn’t really scared but I wouldn’t have done it with a great white [shark].”

Photo: Facebook/Melissa Hatheier/Cronulla Real Estate

Photo: Facebook/Melissa Hatheier/Cronulla Real Estate

Like picking up a toddler? I’ve picked up my nephews before and I’m pretty sure it’s not the same. Then again,  a toddler throwing a tantrum is probably scarier than a shark.

h/t ABC.Au

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