This UCF Police Officer Had One Hell Of A Time Trying To Remove A Snake From A Building

Photo: Facebook/UCF Police Department

I’ll admit that I’m not the bravest guy when it comes to having to wrangle wild animals, and since I live in Los Angeles, the extent of having to do that is often reserved to asking my neighbor to put on some pants. But I’d like to think that if I ever came toe-to-toe with a medium-sized snake, I’d have a little more dignity that this poor UCF police officer.

Unfortunately for the officer, instead of having to deal with the usual methhead or two at the local 7-Eleven, he was recently called in to get rid of such a snake that had made its way inside a campus building, scarring the bejesus out of the nice old ladies who worked there.

Let’s see how that turned out:

Even worse for the officer? You guessed it – his “pals” down at the station decided to share what we’re sure wasn’t his finest hour with everybody in the world by posting a video of it on their Facebook page.

“Even our officers get a little scared sometimes,” the post read.

Hey, it wasn’t the prettiest of efforts, but at least he got the job done safely instead of pulling out his firearm and trying to blow the slithery fucker’s head off.

h/t UPI

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