The D20 Knights Keep ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Alive At The University of Central Florida

Photo: Mat Hayward / Stringer (Getty Images)

There are many reasons why Dungeons & Dragons is often stigmatized, including its nerdy vibe and perceived ties to Satanism. Yet once you break past the stigmas, D&D is simply and truly an amazingly fun game. Anyone can play, depending on the coolness of your dungeon master (a.k.a. the person that runs the game). If you are looking for excellent dungeon masters, D20 Knights is one place to find them.

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D20 Knights is the University of Central Florida‘s official D&D club. The D20 Knights doesn’t only spend their time playing the game, they also assist players with map design and character creation among other game-related activities.

The membership of D20 Knights is as you’d expect: dominated by dudes. However, the few girls within the club are often in leadership roles. When we visited the club, one of the members was dressed in cosplay while everyone else was dressed normally. The D20 Knights are a sober crowd, by which we mean this group is not the partying type. That’s not to say the group isn’t fun; it is. It’s just a different crowd.

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The D20 Knights pride themselves on creating a casual setting. The members are very welcoming of new and inexperienced players. They’re also highly involved with D&D events throughout the Orlando. If you are a UCF student, look into the club via their Facebook page. If you’re not at UCF and you decide to start a D&D club at your college, you should definitely model yourself after the D2o Knights.