Dude Steals Bulldozer And Proceeds To Crush Police Car

Screenshot: Facebook/ABC 7 Chicago

This dude has been playing a ton of video games, that’s for sure.

Whether police have to chase a woman who has slipped out of her handcuffs and stole a police cruiser or deal with a woman who has dragged a cop with a stolen car, cops have seen it all. But a stolen bulldozer wrecking havoc? Yep, that might be a first but that’s exactly what happened in Illinois recently.

Video has just been released by the Illinois police department that shows 18-year-old Austin White avoiding the cops in a bulldozer that he took from a construction site. The footage shows White crush a patrol car with the bulldozer. It also shows cops chasing the bulldozer by foot (which I will admit looks hilarious as hell).

Check out the footage below.

Eventually police were able to catch up to White and tase him. White was discovered to have never even had a driver’s license. Oh, and not to worry because the police officer was able to get away from the car before he was crushed as well. But here’s the aftermath of the car.

Here’s a closer look.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

White is being held on least six felony charges, including attempted murder, criminal damage to property and theft greater than $500.

h/t UPI

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