10 TV Shows That Shot Multiple Endings Before ‘Game of Thrones’

The internet is abuzz today, because HBO programming president Casey Bloys revealed today that multiple endings will be filmed for the hit series Game of Thrones, to prevent spoilers from leaking out online. And of course this comes as no surprise, since everything related to Game of Thrones goes viral nowadays. We could find out that Tyrion will wear sandals in Season 8 and there would probably be videos about it online within hours, speculating about what it REALLY means.

But the simple fact is that shooting multiple endings of a hit series is nothing new. The industry has been doing it for many years, in fact, to throw off reporters, gossip-hounds or even just die-hard fans who can’t resist the urge to snoop. And in an environment where HBO now has to worry about hackers releasing episodes of Game of Thrones early – which happened earlier this year – it only makes sense that the network would want to hedge its best and concoct some alternate conclusions where different characters die, or ascend to the Iron Throne, or are revealed to be relatives all along.

Let’s take a look back at some of the biggest, weirdest and in some cases significantly better alternate endings that were shot for various tv season and series finales, and marvel at what might have been (and almost was).

TV Shows That Shot Multiple Endings:

Top Photos: ABC / HBO / Showtime

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