Game of Thrones

10 Incoming TV Shows to Fill the ‘Game of Thrones’ Hole in Your Life

It’s been a tough year. Jaime and Cersei got buried in a bunch of rubble, Daenerys went off the deep end, and the Night King turned out to be an anti-climactic ice monster. Yeah, the final season of Game of Thrones wasn’t the greatest with its abandoned character development and fraying plot threads. However, there’s no denying its place in history as one of the greatest television shows ever made. Even the fans who were left dissatisfied will still miss it.  Now that it’s over, we’ve been left with a gaping hole and a wistful feeling; we want more intrigue, fantasy, and theories.  Fortunately, there is a handful of ambitious TV shows on their way that will hopefully fill the hole left by Game of Thrones. Put these series on your GoT bereavement list.

Cover Photo: Home Box Office (HBO)

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