Oreo Joins In On The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Final Season Frenzy

Photo: James A. Guilliam (Getty Images)

We still have a little under two months until the final season of HBO’s dragon, sword, and murder-filled TV show Game of Thrones. If you’re a fan of the series, you probably recognize the famous phrase “winter is coming,” a reference to the undead horde of White Walkers headed straight into the Stark’s northern home of Winterfell and beyond. So what do Oreo cookies have to do with all this? Well, according to the brand’s Instagram, “Cookies are coming.”

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The post included a video that made it clear that there’s a tie-in between a new Oreo flavor and the cult favorite TV show. But, like the early trailers for the new season of the show, the video didn’t really offer much information.

A brand rep confirmed that Game of Thrones Oreos are in fact coming, but they couldn’t over any more information than that. According to Instagram account CandyHunting, the cookies will hit shelves prior to the final season begins on April 14th.


What they’ll look like and what flavor they’ll be remain to be seen. Might they be a White Walker-esque cool minty flavor? Or perhaps a fruity, red wine flavor in honor of Tyrion Lannister? Or a spicy, hot flavor for the Mother of Dragons?

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This collaboration is nothing new for HBO and Game of Thrones. A few months ago, White Walker by Johnnie Walker was released. Other Game of Thrones food and drinks include branded beer and wine.